Thanks to all who contributed to the Kickstarter. We had to try but not getting funding doesn't mean the game will not progress.

Everything listed on the Kickstarter will still be in development, only slower because we only have 1 person available to work on Reign full time. There may be funding opportunities down the road which we will look into when and if they arise. Otherwise Tai will continue working away.

   Thank you.

Post Kickstarter:


   The Reign Of Darkness Kickstarter campaign is somewhat unique in the video game crowdfunding world, as we aren't asking players to take the risk of financing a game from scratch without any content.  

   Reign already provides an early-access version that backers can play for themselves.  This will allow supporters to actively test, improve, and contribute to the product along with us - and share in our success as we grow.  Because Reign offers a playable product, backers will be able to tell where and how their money is being used to improve the game.  

   Money from our Kickstarter campaign will go directly towards accelerating the development and support of the game.  Additionally, we'd like to thank all of our current players for their continued support, believing in us, and funding independently developed games.

   Thank you truly Unorthodox Studio's