The Black Plague, of 1348 A.D. was not what it appeared to be. Mankind unleashed darkness upon the land and therefore themselves. Those in power far from the front-line, refuse to acknowledge the darkness of this plague as nothing more than a disease that could be contained and resolved, to maintain order and control of their kingdom, and the people within it.


During this time of despair, unrest, and fear,... the common peasants would find solace in pursuit of the dark arts, for being feared by your subjugator releases one from being their subject.


A cabal formed spreading rumors of how powerful they were, when in fact they knew nothing but parlor trickery. However, this inspired many and from that arose the pursuit of real magic. Many believed the pinnacle of which to be the art of evocation. Summoning entities for one's self, to guide, protect, and otherwise control.


Few who practiced saw results, but some did. Three Magi combined their efforts, in an attempt to gain dominion over the most powerful entity of the spirit world. Over time they were coerced by a voice that whispered through the ether, speaking of great power simply by opening a gateway to the world of the entity and walking through it. By embracing the unique energy of this realm that exists beyond the veil would have them return as the most powerful sorcerers in their land.


Enticed, the Magi were guided by the voice through the incantation, indeed opening a gateway. From the gate, a sudden barrage of growling turned to screaming poured out with a dark fog crawling across the floor. Their desire for power and foolishness became immediately clear. Tearing through the flesh-like fabric of the gate, coalesced the beast with which they were speaking.


As if born anew into this physical form, and experiencing hunger for the first time, the beast devoured the Magi leaving only scraps of flesh and bone behind. And it is with this mortal shell, that the beast would travel consuming all in its wake and opening more gates along its path. Tearing through the veil that once protected mankind from the chaos of this dark realm,... now came forth a throng of evil.


The darkness that trickles from these gates brings with it a pestilence that kills all vegetation, causes animals to become rabid attacking without provocation, and men who stood against it would be driven insane, should they survive.


Those that escaped its slow grasp of death, spoke of a dark fog that lay low to the ground that could be seen on the horizon prior to the plague consuming their village. This leads to the understanding that there is safety in higher elevations however, few places are safe from these demonic beings embedded with violence that spills from the now torn veil.


Absorbing into all things, the essence of this plague does in fact contain the power that the Magi sought, which can be extracted neutralized and used to infuse items with great power, to fight the darkness itself.

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Feature Highlights

Early Access

While Reign is still in an early stage of development, it already contains many popular aspects, elements, and themes of the MMO & RPG genres. Thanks to the Early Access platform provided by Steam, we indie developers have an opportunity to raise funds while continuing development.  This allows for hiring artists, programmers, etc. and a potential stream of content being added to the game on a regular basis for players to experience.

Fun story aspects

Examples such as, a crystal ball that can give a clue to the player regarding quests, hidden doors, puzzles, etc. and more will be added later.  Also, a witch who offers in-game tarot readings,... because she is a witch and stuff... so why not? it seems fun to me.

Reign will dive into the origins of Mythological creatures, and tie them to the Medieval Age. Creatures such as Werewolves, Minotaurs, Gorgons(Medusa), Hell, and the devil as an opposing force.


Vampires such as the story and origin of Dracula, "Vlad the Impaler" or, Vlad Tempest. Who's father Dracul(meaning Dragon) formed "The Order of the Dragon". Which Dracula(meaning "Son of the Dragon") would inherit. Players will engage in a storyline that revolves around "The Order of the Dragon" (eventually as a faction) and can obtain Vampiric abilities/properties themselves.

Things to come

-Players will be able to, hire, and assign equipment to Mercenaries that will assist them in instanced environments, which allows for dynamic experiences with or without friends. An example would be if you have a Mercenary that you have been building items/gear for a tank type of mercenary and your teammate has a healer, then you and a friend can take on much more difficult content.


-Players will be able to steal a rare dragon egg to be hatched, raised, and summoned for the use of transportation.


-During occasional rare events, players will be able to fight against giant beasts, demons, monsters that are actually controlled by Game Masters, and therefore do not have a predictable AI system, creating a dynamic challenge. Players must combine forces and create strategies to defeat such enemies when and where they may occur.


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