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Feature Highlights

Early Access

While Reign is still in an early stage of development, it already contains many popular aspects, elements, and themes of the MMO & RPG genres.
Thanks to the Early Access platform provided by Steam, we indie developers have an opportunity to raise funds while continuing development.  
This allows for hiring artists, programmers, etc, and a potential stream of content being added to the game on a regular basis for players to experience.

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Fun story aspects

Examples such as, a crystal ball that can give a clue to the player regarding quests, hidden doors, puzzles, etc. and more will be added later.  Also, a witch who offers in-game tarot readings,... because she is a witch and stuff... so why not? it seems fun to me.

Reign will dive into the origins of Mythological creatures, and tie them to the Medieval Age. Creatures such as Werewolves, Minotaurs, Gorgons(Medusa), Hell, and the devil as an opposing force.


Vampires such as the story and origin of Dracula, "Vlad the Impaler" or, Vlad Tempest. Who's father Dracul(meaning Dragon) formed "The Order of the Dragon". Which Dracula(meaning "Son of the Dragon") would inherit. Players will engage in a storyline that revolves around "The Order of the Dragon" (eventually as a faction) and can obtain Vampiric abilities/properties themselves.

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Things to come

-Players will be able to, hire, and assign equipment to Mercenaries that will assist them in instanced environments, which allows for dynamic experiences with or without friends. An example would be if you have a Mercenary that you have been building items/gear for a tank type of mercenary and your teammate has a healer, then you and a friend can take on much more difficult content.


-Players will be able to steal a rare dragon egg to be hatched, raised, and summoned for the use of transportation.


-During occasional rare events, players will be able to fight against giant beasts, demons, monsters that are actually controlled by Game Masters, and therefore do not have a predictable AI system, creating a dynamic challenge. Players must combine forces and create strategies to defeat such enemies when and where they may occur.

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